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Reviewer Format

Please frame your review of IJIP articles in the following format/sequence.  All elements are important to the review process. This allows the logistical considerations to flow more smoothly.

Use this downloadable template to provide the following information:

  • Please identify the article by title and/or number, if provided
  • Please identify the person completing the review.  (Of course this information is confidential and will not be passed to the author / submitter.)
    • Outstanding
    • Very Good
    • Good
    • Fair
    • Poor
    • Accept as is (or subject to minor changes)
    • Accept subject to suitable revision
    • Return for major revision and resubmission
    • Reject
    • More suitable for publication in another journal (provide suggestion)
    • Does this paper present new ideas or results that have not been previously published?
    • Are the results/ideas presented in this paper important enough for publication?
    • Is the paper technically correct?
    • Are the contents supported/verified by independent evidence (measurements, prior results, etc.)?
    • Is the subject matter relevant to IJIP?
    • Please rate the overall quality of the paper
    • Is the paper concisely written for publication?
    • Is the grammar/spelling adequate for publication?
    • Does the abstract properly reflect the content of the work?
    • Identify the strengths of the piece.
      • Consider:
        • Relation to the fields of psychology and criminal justice—broadly defined.
        • Writing style and sophistication
        • Methodology
        • Analysis
        • Contribution to the field
        • Other areas as deemed appropriate
    • Identify the weakness of the piece, including specific recommendations if appropriate.
      • Consider:
        • Empirical sophistication and rigor
        • Contribution to the field
        • Methodology
        • Analysis
        • Comprehensive coverage of existing literature and discussion of the issue under consideration.
        • Proper format
      • Areas that need further refinement should be addressed clearly and in the spirit of helpful guidance. Remember the importance of offering quality feedback in the spirit of collegiality. The goal should be to offer your expert opinion and provide the author(s) with guidance as to what specific areas might need improvement and how they might accomplish the improvement.
      • Communicate Without Crippling
    • If the article would best fit in another journal - it is not on-target for IJIP - please note that as well.  A reviewer might offer alternative publication outlets that might be more suitable.
    • Provide any stylistic, editorial, or other guidance.
    • Importantly, provide your overall recommendation regarding publication.
    • Of course, all comments for the author(s) are submitted "blind."

Thank you for your assistance.
Please e-mail completed reviews to:


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